MG-AC97 True 5.1 Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset with Built-in Microphone for PC with 6 Channel Sound Card

The LTB® MG-AC97 headphone system is designed to keep you in the action. The built in microphone works seamlessly with VOIP and team gaming features. The AC97 Interface allows you to take the most from your high performance PC sound card.


  • AC97 Mini jacks for 5.1 audio connection
  • Rubberized tactile coated ear-cups
  • USB or AC Powered to eliminate need for batteries
  • Built in noise canceling Microphone
  • Volume control on headset

The LTB-MG97 is a must for serious Gamers and for Multi-media PC's. The Magnum 5.1 system with it's Built-In MIC is ideal for VOIP, Team gaming and communicating through your PC.

Computer Power User
January, 2008

"The LTB Magnum AC97s perform well and are at the right price; they are a definite competitor even when compared to some of the $150 headphones on the market today."


Magnum 5.1 AC97  

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  • Multiple speaker units for front, rear, center,
    and subwoofer channels Patented (I.S.C)
  • SafeBass ® Safe Resonance Bass
  • On Headset volume control (Displays level on screen)
  • USB to Stereo converter (Included)
  • Venom Red Rubber Texture Coating
  • 10' cord for extra freedom
  • Built-In Noise Canceling Mic with Mute Button
  • Adjustable fit, Fold Flat design
  • Very lightweight, extremely comfortable to wear

Technical Specifications

  • AC97 Breakout Cable adapts to  5.1+ Sound Cards
  • Direct Decoding from sound card
  • Patented SafeBass® Safe resonance technology
  • Convenient USB or AC Powered amplifier



Also available MG51-USB 5.1 Headset for PC or Mac in USB