Q-Bean-U Wireless Headset for PC & Mac Built-in Microphone

The LTB Q-Bean Wireless 2.0 Headphone link system lets you move in your world so your music and media can follow.
Non-Compressed Audio streams wirelessly to you through an innovative link that allows duplex voice and data control.


  • True Digital Non-Compressed Audio
  • Perfect for PC, Mac or Linux (Remote functions only in Windows or Mac)
  • It's a Microphone for Live Communication
  • Plug & Play with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
  • Remotely control Media Player, MCE or iTunes (Pause/Play, Rewind/Forward)
  • Digital Wireless Range up to 30 Meters
  • Equipped with ARIO Technology, USB Plug & Play 2.4GHz Transmitter for PC & Mac

"From music to movies to games, the Q-Bean delivers with excellent sound and control. It's amazing how sophisticated the Q-Bean is, considering how truly small it is."
- OverclockersClub.com

Featuring  Chip Technology

Q-Bean Wireless  

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 Detail Specifications in pdf format

"Ive not seen anything else with the Q-Bean's aspirations. It allows you to roam a good 30 feet from the PC, all the time getting good-quality sound pumped to the included ear buds. The Q-Bean's buttons also pause, resume play, and skip forward or backward in a playlist—all of which works pretty well."
 David LaGesse Senior writer
U.S. News & World Report




2.4GHz digital radio transmission (absolutely noise-free). USB Transmitter provides non-compressed streaming audio so you move and play. Fully interfaces with Windows Media Player functions.
Stereo Model Can be battery operated for portable use.
Utilizes Avnera MagicVoice technology.


  • Comfortable ear canal ear-buds
  • Lightweight, extremely comfortable to wear
  • Plugs to standard 3.5mm mini jack on Q-BEAN so you can also use your own headphones or speakers.
  • Battery lasts

Q-Bean is Certified for Voice Recognition by One Voice Technologies for use with:

Media Center Communicator


  • Streaming wireless sound with reception through walls and ceilings.
  • Digital antenna diversity and GSFK Modulation guaranteesdrop-out free reception.
  • An Integrated Microphone jack allows communication from anywhere within 30 meters of the transmitter
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries included for receiver.
  • Windows Media player remote functions
  • Volume up/down, Pairing function

Also available Q-Bean-ST wireless Headphone for TV,Hi-Fi


NEW!! Free Utlities to enhance your Q-Bean-U remote control functions!

  Remotely answer calls and/or hang up
in Skype (Windows Version)*

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  Remotely Advance or reverse slides
in Microsoft Power Point
(Windows Version)*

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