MG-51USB True 5.1 Surround Sound USB Gaming, VoIP Headset for PC & Mac Built-in Microphone

Our New Magnum 5.1 USB headphone comes in rubberized tactile black.

With a dynamic Plug & Play interface, the new MG-USB51 headphone system provides quick connectivity for Movie and gaming enthusiasts. support for full HRTF 3D and EAX 2.0, the MG-51USB offers a great way to get True 5.1 from today's Notebook computers that most often can only produce 2.0 Audio.


  • True 5.1 Surround Sound with 6 dedicated speaker drivers (ISC, Independent Sound Chambers).
  • USB Plug & Play for Windows PC or Mac OS.
  • Built-In Noise Canceling Microphone for VoIP and Lane Party
  • SafeBass® Technology
  • Support Full HRTF 3D and EAX 2.0

"For gaming and TV/movies, the LTB MG51-USB headphones are an outstanding performer and an excellent value. They are on par with other headsets in their price range for music listening, and are certainly a good choice all around"
December, 2010


"The MG-51 turned out to be a surprisingly strong performer, offering fairly good sound clarity and surround effects for it's price, along with a compact form factor."
January, 2008

Magnum 5.1 USB  

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 Detail Specifications in pdf format


The most dynamic PC users will appreciate a 5.1 USB headphone like the Magnum 5.1. Equipped with real subwoofer emitters, this headset is designed to offer the full effect of music and movies on your PC or Mac.

  • Multiple speaker units 2 x 40mm, 2x 30mm for stereo &  subwoofer channels
  • Maximum performance for gaming and multimedia
  • On Headset volume control (Displays level on screen)
  • USB to Stereo converter (Included)
  • USB Plug & Play Connector for PC or Mac
  • Built-In Noise Canceling Mic with Mute Button
  • Built-in Microphone for Lane Party, VoIP
  • Adjustable fit, Fold Flat design
  • Very lightweight, extremely comfortable to wear


The built in MIC works with these applications :

* Skype
* Yahoo Messenger
* Microsoft Live Messenger
* XFire
* Ventrillo
* Teamspeak


Also available MG-AC97 5.1 Headset for PC w/6 Ch. Sound Card